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Recommended Beautederm Products Listed

So many good products – what do I use first?  Worry no more!  Here is my list of Beautederm Recommended Products for you all! My top recommended Beautederm products! Finally, I have my list of […]

Beautederm Skin Care Products Shipment Unboxing

An investment in a good skin care product results in great skin.   I unboxed a new shipment of Beautederm skin care products today! This is the most I have ordered so far. Why?  Because […]

Beautederm Skin Line & The First 2 Weeks Review

So this is my 2 1/2 week-mark of using the Beautederm Skin Line.  If you’ve been following the blog (and I hope you are) you’d know that I previously posted about the Beautederm Skin Line […]

Beautederm – My 3-Day Skin Care Review

About 4 days ago I posted a video of my reveal of the package I got from Skin and Beyond by Beautederm.  They are the Beautederm Skin Line distributor based in Butuan City, Philippines.  My friend, Ms. […]

Skin Care Routine Revisited – Beautederm

I am so happy!! My awaited skin care package has arrived! Honestly, it didn’t take long, just about 4 days.  I am talking about Beautederm.  I have been trying to find a way to get […]

An Afterword on Skincare

So some of my lady friends ask me how I do my skin care and repair routine and I show them the actual products and I show you here in my blog via my previous […]

Skincare for Matured Women (Part 2 of 2)

Previously I’ve touched on the topic of how I adore those glowing, luminous and dewy Korean women’s complexions.  I’ve mentioned that I’ve discovered a lot of websites that talked about this and they’ve been raving […]

Skincare for Matured Women (Part 1 of 2)

I remember the days when I was in my tween age and we lived with my maternal grandparents for a year while we were waiting for our own house in Rizal to be finished.  It […]