Manileña Sweets is Back in Business!

The new Manileña logo
The new logo!

Manileña Cakes.  Remember that?  For some of you who know me or have followed me for a long time, you all know that I make cakes.  I have done celebration cakes covered in fondant and in buttercream.  Together with the cakes were the cupcakes.  I had also dabbled a bit on other pastries.  I know that you all love these baked goods I’ve created for you.  So guess what – Manileña is back!!   And I re-christened my small business as Manileña Sweets.  Because now, it’s not just about cakes and cupcakes.  I will also be offering other goodies like fudge-y brownies, heavenly ensaymadas, mouth-watering loaf cakes and delectable cookies!  Yes, I am so back!

The old Manileña banner
The old Manileña logo

I went on hiatus for almost two years because I wasn’t sure anymore where the business was heading into.  Given also the fact that I got busy with house renovations (and still am), not to mention all the other weekend activities that the husband and I were involved in.  But all these times, I miss baking so much…  I miss the smell of baked goods coming from the oven, I miss seeing the smiles of the faces of the people who receive the creations I make.  I miss my Manileña side.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago, my friend and I attended a talk about home food business for the state.  That made me decide to come back.  But this time, I am more confident to offer my products to the public.  So I’ve gathered and filed all my best and well-loved recipes and I am coming back to the thing I love the most.  To begin with, I reviewed my old and new recipes, worked on new creations and had a taste test with friends.  So this time around I am also offering other baked goods.  Like I said – brownies, ensaymadas, loaf cakes, cookies, filled pandesal (Filipino dinner rolls) and savory and flaky empanadas!

For the past days I busied myself with putting up the Manileñ website once again.  The site has improved and is now breathing with new life.  I never thought I had done so many baked goods until I gathered all of them from my Manileña FB page and my own personal FB account.  Seeing all of them I am more convinced that I am now ready to go full-throttle with my business.  (I will still be doing my Beautederm shop, so you also wait for that!)

So, my loves, Manileña Sweets is now born!  Hope on over to the site to view my cake creations and for my cake blog.  I am still working on putting all the goodies up so I hope you come back more often.  My FB page will also be going thru some changes.  So please subscribe 🙂

But for now, I hope you get to try my oh-so-good baked creations.  Christmas is fast approaching.  Maybe you will also think about me for your edible gifts.  Because Manileña Sweets is Love Made Edible.

The new banner of Manileña Sweets
The new Manileña Banner

‘Till next time, my lovies!

Love, Gigi


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