Recommended Beautederm Products Listed

So many good products – what do I use first?  Worry no more!  Here is my list of Beautederm Recommended Products for you all!

My top recommended Beautederm products! Finally, I have my list of Beautederm Skin Line that I use and happily vouch for! These recommended Beautederm products are what I have been using regularly for the past 4 months now. And I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon.

I am sure you’ve seen so many blog posts and videos of how people apply them. So I want to go beyond that and tell you what each product does. I know you’ve seen my post of an unboxing I just did recently. (No?  Well, here it is!) I know… Beautederm has so many wonderful products that sometimes you don’t know what to get first.  Most specially if this will be your first time to use it.  This list will help you figure out which ones to buy right away and which ones can wait till next pay. :). And if you still have questions, you can send me an email, drop me a comment below or send me a message on my facebook page.  I will happily answer your inquiries.

So here it is!  My top recommended Beautederm products.

The Beautè Set.   The Beautederm Facial Set is the prime product that one uses to achieve the best results.  This is the best seller of the company.

There are 4 sets, depending on the sizes of each product – the Travel Set, the Trial Set, the Regular Set and the Premium Set.  Each of the Beautè Set contains a Day & Night Toner, a Day Cream, 3 different Night Creams and a Papaine Soap.

  • The Travel Set is good for 10-15 days
  • The Trial Set is good for 1 month
  • The Regular Set is good for up to 2 months
  • The Premium Set is good for 4 months

My clients always ask me what each of the product does.  So let’s list them down:

The Papaine Soap.   The Beautederm Papaine Soap is made of orange and papaya extracts.  It has exfoliation properties that removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates dry and flaky skin because it contains vitamins A, C and E.  The papaine soap is so safe because it is paraben-free and hypoallergenic.

It has been known that the papaine soap alone already does wonders to your skin.  It clears the skin of acne and gives you a fairer complexion.

The Day and Night Toner. The Beautederm Day and Night Toner has a micro peeling effect.  Micro skin peeling is the least heavy of all chemical peels.  Which means that it is gentle on the skin.  It enhances the appearance of the skin, reduces the sizes of the pores and takes out the discoloration of the skin.  The toner also reduces wrinkles, removes freckles, age spots and dark spots.  It also contains orange peel and papaya extracts infused with Vitamin C.

Some people (not a lot, mind you) has a slight experience of mild and momentary itching.  Should this happen, rub ice on the skin to alleviate the itching and put on your creams.  Refrain the use of the toner for about a week but continue using the soap and creams.  Then once the redness has stopped, resume using the toner.

The prickly sensation and peeling and darkening of the skin from the toner is a normal reaction, tho, of the toner.  This happens due to the resurfacing of dead skin cells.

The Day Cream.  The Day Cream hydrates the skin, improving the health and quality of the skin.  When a skin is healthy and hydrated it is less sensitive to irritants and germs that can slip itself thru the skin barriers when it is dry.  It acts as a sunscreen which blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays.  The SPF 60 sunscreen prevents sunburn and even minimizes the chances of skin cancer or malignant melanoma.  Vitamin E antioxidants give the nourishing effects of slowing down premature aging and wrinkles.

The Day Cream contains natural zinc oxide.  There are studies that say zinc oxides helps in skin healing, aids in new tissue growth and helps in the prevention of inflammation.   And because it is SPF60, I can use it alone without any other sunscreen creams.  I’ve even gone out with just the Beautederm Day Cream, no foundation at all.  With just that plus my eyebrow and lipstick I can be on my way.

The Night Cream 1.  The Night Cream 1 is the whitening cream of the set.  It lightens old pimple marks and blemishes.  The cream helps reduce visible signs of aging and dark spots.  It has regeneration ingredients that work during sleep and rejuvenate the skin for the following day.

The Night Cream 2.  The Night Cream 2 moisturizes the skin.  It has a light and non-greasy gel form that helps moisturize, renew and repair aging skin.  This is the cream that gives the nice, dewy texture.

The Night Cream 3.  The Night Cream 3 is the anti-aging cream.  It improves the elasticity of the skin and locks in moisture and tones the skin.  It slows down the aging process and reduces the visibility of fine line and wrinkles.  The cream helps in tissue repair specially on sunburn and skin inflammation.  The Night Cream 3 has the combined ingredients of collagen and placenta which help repair and renew damaged skin cells.

Some have told me that they don’t have the time to go through all 3 creams at night since you have to wait about 5 minutes in between cream applications.  I tell them, I usually do the application at night as part of my closure for the day.  I would be doing this while I browse my iPad and by the time I’m done, I return the creams to the fridge and go to bed.  This always gives my mind the signal that I am ready for the night.

Beau Yeux.  The Undereye Whitening Cream.  The skin surrounding your eyes is thin and very delicate.  Exposure to damaging environmental factors like the sun creates skin discolorations and wrinkles.  Puffy eye bags is a result of aging which weakens the muscles supporting your eye skin.

The Undereye Whitening Cream has sodium ascorbate or vitamin C that thickens the skin and helps conceal dark circles.  It greatly reduces, if not eliminates, wrinkles and puffy eyes.  Vitamin C has the natural ability to act as a natural bleaching agent.

Purifie Facial Cleanser.  The Purifie Facial Wash Cleanser has vitamin C and E, glutathione and glycerin that help clean and exfoliate the skin.  The soft, gentle brush removes dead skin cells, oil, dirt and other skin pollutants.  It also helps whiten and brighten the skin and unclog the pores.  It  makes the skin more elastic.

I like this product because it gently scrubs my face clean without any harsh bristles. Also, when you’re micropeeling, the soft brush also helps scrub away the small peels off your face.  It really works wonders for me.

Back to Bare. The Back to Bare effortlessly removes all traces of makeup. Even waterproof ones! It’s enriched with micellar water. For the longest time, micellar water is used by French women to cleanse their face of makeup because it’s pure and allergen-free. It has just lately invaded the US because… well, the French women know so much about maintaining their skin. The Back to Bare is also infused with cucumber but contains no harsh chemicals. It’s a great way to hydrate your skin while you clean it.

Sometimes I even use this before I my wash my face in the morning and before I apply the Beautederm Toner and Beautederm Day Cream. This makes sure I am going “back to bare” from any cream that I had on from the previous night,

CC Cream and Perfecting Cushion. At times when I do need to put on a little bit more than just my Beautederm Day Cream during the day, I would automatically reach for my Beautederm CC Cream.

Just like the Beautederm Day Cream in your Beaute Set, the CC cream contains SPF 60 that protects your skin from those harmful UVB and UVA rays. It has a light sheer coverage that brightens and smoothens while concealing fine lines and wrinkles. It leaves your skin looking dewy and radiant but not oily.

This is all the foundation and powder I will ever need for the whole day.

Barely There. Now, if I would need more coverage when I have events to go to at night, The Barely There foundation is what I use. It’s a primer, concealer and foundation all in one. But despite that full coverage, my skin doesn’t feel or look heavy unlike a regular foundation. It still feels light with that sheer effect. The coverage still makes you feel like your skin can breathe underneath it.

When you first put it on, it will look like it’s many shades lighter than your skin, but give it a few minutes and the cream adapts to your natural color. And voila, you’re ready to meet the glamour side of the evening.

Beaute Tint.  The Beautederm Beaute Tint is a product that I just acquired recently and I am loving it!  Beaute Tint is a duo tint – a makeup you can use for both lips and cheeks.

What is a tint?  A tint is a gel-like substance that you use just a tiny bit of (as in just a tinyyyyyyyyy bit of it) and quickly blend into your skin or it will set.  It’s kinda tricky to apply on the cheeks but when you get a hang of it, the tint gives you a nice flush like you just came in from the cold outside.  And if you mistakenly put a lot of it, you can lessen the tint with a tiny amount of  Barely There.

Beaute Wand.  Now, this is my game changer!  First off, the Beaute Wand is an in-home facial massage wand that sends waveforms that stimulates your facial skin muscles.  It uses the same stimulation technology being used by derma specialists to help with the skin’s premature aging.  It creates a massage-like effect on your skin plumping the appearance of lines and wrinkles and reduces pore size.  I only have to use it for about 5 minutes a night after I put on my night creams but it lifts, tones and tightens your skin.

I’ve always had a problem with that vertical wrinkle in-between my eyebrows.  No matter what I use I cannot seem to make it go away.  So when I read about facial massage devices and discovered that Beautederm has it, I ordered the Beaute Wand to try.  I wanted to test it out first before I go and endorse the product to you, my lovies.  And sure enough, it works!  I’ve only been using it for about two weeks (and honestly, I don’t even get to use it everyday), but I’ve already noticed my forehead wrinkle seeming to disappear.

My Before and After photo after using the Beaute Skin set for 2 1/2 weeks. You see that vertical wrinkle on my forehead, yes?
My very much improved skin, no make-up whatsoever.  Ready to go to bed.  That wrinkle is almost gone! So much to smile about 🙂

Take a look at a before and after picture.  I’ve taken that “after” picture just a few minutes ago after I’ve put on my nightly creams.  And you can definitely see the difference.

There has always been two camps about facial massages – one camp says it’s all placebo, the other says they really work.  I’m with the latter.  I know they do work!

Tres Triple Whitening Body Lotion.  The Beautederm Tres Whitening Body Lotion hydrates, moisturizes and whitens while protecting your skin from the sun.  It is packed with the wonders of vitamin E, collagen, glycerin and soya oil that leaves your skin lighter and more glowing.

I like this body lotion because it’s thick.  So you only need a little to get a lot of skin coverage.  In the summer, this is all I use most specially for my legs and arms.  In the winter time, because of the harsh coldnss, I apply the Tres Whitening lotion and then apply a small amount of vaseline for extra protection from dryness.

Beaute Masque Whitening Mint Mask.  This is the newest product I’m trying out right now.  Having been using the Beaute Set for about 4 months and the Beaute Wand for a month now, I think I’m ready to up the ante and add more to my regimen.  A face mask is an add on skin process that hydrates, tones, tightens the skin. Using a face mask refines the pores and removes excess oils and dirts.  Definitely, when this happens, you get firmer and more youthful skin.

Overall, it was a fun product to put on – it’s cold and minty, which for me refreshes and wakens up the skin.  Once I washed it off I could definitely feel the skin being smooth.  This product is definitely a keeper.

So there you are, my lovies!  My recommended Beautederm products list!  I’ve laid it out for you so that you can know which ones you need right away and which ones you can save for later.  Have so many good products for one brand can be daunting at times and I hope this list helps you out.

Till my next post, my lovies!  Stay happy!!

7 thoughts on “Recommended Beautederm Products Listed”

  • Hi, is it normal to have patchy redness? In worries coz it looks like “burn” on my cheeks. On my 5th day na, it started on my 4th day.

    • Hi Chie,

      Sometimes, some skin types are more sensitive than others. The patchy redness is a reaction of the skin to the toner. I would advise you to refrain from the toner for a week or two but continue to use the creams. Once the redness has gone away, you can start to introduce the skin to the toner. You can use it without any cotton and just dab the skin with some toner you pour onto your fingers.

    • Hi Jenny,

      Make sure that before you put on your day cream that your skin is fresh and clean. Always wash your face with the papaine soap and use the toner after. I would also advise not to use any other beauty products (creams, lotions, etc) when using Beautederm. Also, be strict about cleaning your face and doing the nightly routine before you go to bed.

      It is also normal to have breakouts on the first few weeks while using the products. This might be your skin’s way of clearing out any other impurities that are hidden beneath your skin. If the breakouts are not that many, I would still continue to use the products religiously and they would soon disappear.

      Thank you for your comment.

    • I sell the Back to Bare! If you’re from the Philippines, you can get it from a certified distributor.

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