House Plants on Board!

My living room window

I have given in!  I said I was shying away from my sisters’ recent hobby, but I caved!  House plants – are the newest new culprit!  For a few months now, my two sisters have been going crazy over house plants.  They shared pictures in our chats, kept talking about where they’re buying these things.  I am fighting the urge to get in on it, but their house plants look so beautiful, their bug caught me.

My dear mom and her plants.

House plants are nothing new in my family, tho.  My mom has always been the gardener of the family, her house looks like a mini-plant conservatory!  She woudl always send me pictures of her orchids or her garden.  My sisters and I used to think she’s turned into Maria Makiling.  But like my sister, Gretch, once said, middle age probably does this to you.

You all know I have been redecorating the crib.  You’ve read my past posts here and here, right?  Admittedly, the project is going quite slow because of all the activities hubbie and I are involved in, but nonetheless I still try.  I don’t have a green thumb but I did start on succulents about a year ago.  They’ve survived, in my defense.  But I think I am ready to up my game with more intricate house plants.

The growing family

I started with a few indoor plants I know would survive the kind of light we get in the house.  Because of the lushness of the trees in our backyard, not a lot of sunlight enters the house where most of my wide windows are.  I had to look for house plants that would thrive in medium or even non-existent sunlight.

So off I went to my nearest Home Depot and Lowes.  I got some of the toughest and most durable house plants – pothos, mother-in-law’s tongue, english ivy, peace lilies, peperomias and philodendrons. I know they thrive best on having moms who forget to water them.  The prices of the house plants at these places were not so bad.  But they really throw you a curve ball with their pots! How expensive can they get??? I had to source my pots from my trusted Goodwill and Savers for those.  (More of that on my next entries).

My study desk looks way much happier!

Armed with what my bestfriend, Google, has taught me, I also bought some houseplant-friendly garden soil.  I also made sure there were drainage holes in the pots I bought.  Some of my plants have not been repotted yet while I search for the perfect pots to house them in, but i try to give them the extra care to make sure they don’t go dehydrated too long.  I also make sure I dont over-warer.  I learned that it is better to underwater them than to water them too much to avoid fungus and rot.

The study room sure gets more light than our living room.

It’s been about 6 weeks now since I started taking care of my plants and my collection has grown!  My babies are surviving.  I’ve learned not to overcare For them (my poor fig leaf tree taught me that) but made sure that I check on them at least every two days or so.  Some of my house plants are now in the kitchen, others are in the study room and most are in the living room.  I’ve visited more plant nurseries in my neighborhood and I am enjoying them.  (That too, in a new entry later.) The house really does look better with them around.

If you want to see more pictures of house plants, you can visit me and follow me on my instagram.

And the redecorating the crib project continues…









2 thoughts on “House Plants on Board!”

  • Maganda, ate Gi! Ako naman still trying to keep alive the ones I already have. Basta alam ko, suko na ako sa orchids. Wahahha!

    • Hahaha!!! JAYNE!!! Ayoko ng orchid. Wala akong special powers for it! I think I’m going to stick with the houseplants na wala masyadong maintenance. Minsan nga, usap tayo ng tungkol sa plant kingdom. hahaha. See you soon!!

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