Summer OOTDs on Parade

And just like that summer is almost over.  Schools have called their kids back to face their books, at least to try facing their books again.  Despite the suprising wetness of this season this year, I still enjoyed summer.  At least the heat was more bearable.

The joys of summer leaves and blooms in this Ann Taylor cross-backed, flowing dress!

I don’t know why, but for some reason, I have a harder time coming up with outfits to wear during the hotter months.  Is it because it annoys me to wear anything that clings too much to the skin when all I want to do is just take all my clothes off and stay inside the shower to cool down? Or more decently, stay by an aircon vent with just my underwear on?

A Burlington Coat Factory find for the skirt and blouse that cost less than $20 for both!  And a pleasant find of my Dooney and Bourke purse from Marshall’s from so many years back. 

You might ask, “ah, the woman born of the tropics complains about the heat?”  Yes.  Forgive my system acclimatizing to the colder temps of the americas in my past 20 years of existence.  And more importantly, yes, a mid-life biological change is also a big factor –  too much heat or too much coldness is a problem.  Altho with the coldness, I can wear as much layers as I want until I can feel some warmth.  But with the heat, how much clothes can you take off to feel cool?  Even your nakedness cannot guarantee relief from the sweltering dog days.  Ahhhh…

My animal-printed maxi I got from Ross from a few years back

So back to summer outfits.  Yes, due to the lack of comfort from the hot weather, I tend to wear the lightest of fabrics and those that can expose my skin but still consider myself decently clad.  The shorts, the skirts, the naked arms, the colarless necklines.  Don’t forget the bare backs, bare shoulders, bare legs and bare faces.  You got that right, summer is not the time to load the face with too much make-up.  (Good thing Beautederm now affords me to go out sans the heavy do’s with only the fleek eyebrows and unsmearable lipsticks on.)   I have to rely on splashes of wild colors and prints to come up with photo-worthy styles for you, my lovies. I guess I am a woman who enjoys the art of layering more. That’s why I love spring and fall more.  (Winter is another story alltogether tho.)

My favorite skirt nowadays. That full bloom of peonies always makes me happy.  I got this from a small clothing store in Ali Mall, Cubao, Philippines.  Shoes from Nordstrom Rack.

But summer is still a fun time! It’s the time to go outdoors, discover new places and enjoy longer days.  Summer will always give you the feeling that no matter how hard one works, a break is always welcomed.  With the sun out in all it’s grandeur and splendor, life peaks.  It’s when packing for vacations means lighter suitcases because how heavy could summer outfits be anyway – moreso if you plan to wear a lot of bikinis and shorts and cropped shirts and your dependable flipflops!  The summer, no matter how short it is for some countries, still breaks the coldness of winter.  That’s why you welcome it with open arms, lift your head up to the sky (armed with sunscreen, of course) and thank the Lord for showering us with vibrancy and life all around us.

This time I got away with layering – it was a rainy day in Ocean City.  My Tory Burch sandals from Nordstrom Rack

And summer means heading out to the beach.  I have always been a beach person.  I know, it is a little contradicting.  But the beach is where I can forgive the hotness of the season.  On the beach, when I feel that ocean breeze touch my skin and I can smell that saltiness of the sea, I know I am home.  Nothing beats hearing the waves – its music makes me feel cradled in loving arms.  The beach will always take me back to younger days, simpler times.  A life whose only complications were first loves, first heartbreaks, dreadful summer classes or two-and-a-half-months of being penniless and broke as the dry months.

A date in the movies with a dear friend in a thrift store-found denim skirt and my Mango shirt from the Philippines.

So as I look out the window this cold, rainy morning, counting down the days till summer ends this month, I say a soft goodbye to summer.  I had a new lease in life during this season – something I will never forget.  It gave me a different perspective on life and relationships.  I am still groping on some realizations but holding on stronger to people I love.  And that includes you, my lovies!

A night on the town with Columbus’ Knights. with a $7 top from TJ Maxx and a beautiful sarong from SM’s Kultura in the Philippines.










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