Beautederm – My 3-Day Skin Care Review

About 4 days ago I posted a video of my reveal of the package I got from Skin and Beyond by Beautederm.  They are the Beautederm Skin Line distributor based in Butuan City, Philippines.  My friend, Ms. Sylvia Sanchez, the Brand Ambassador for Beautederm, hooked me with Ms. Agnes Gogo, the proprietor of Skin and Beyond by Beautederm.

Now, I’ve been using my Beautederm products for 3 days and what can I say so far?

  1. I am beginning to feel a little bit of the prickly sensation around the skin of my nose, but this is to be expected they say. The brochure says this is the toner starting to work on your skin.   But otherwise, no adverse effects whatsoever on my skin.  No itching, no drying, no rashes – a good sign.
  2. The creams are not sticky and my skin absorbs them with no problems at all. It didn’t take much wait time for the absorption to happen.
  3. There is no strong scent, which is actually good because I get sneezy and irritated with very strong perfumes and odors.
  4. I can feel a little tightening of my skin, which for me means that the skincare ingredients are holding on to my skin.  That’s something I like.

So far, so good.

I was doing videos of my skin care for the past 2 days to chronicle my skin improvements, but the videos didn’t pass my standards so I’m planning on doing a better one.   So instead of giving you all a video update, let me just tell you what was in the package I got and what else I found out about the products.

The four Beautederm Sets
The four Beautederm Sets

I ordered their Premium Set. This is good for 4 months. The Premium Set includes:

  • Two (2) 150g Papaine Soap
  • 120ml Day & Night Toner
  • Day Cream – 50g
  • First Night Cream (1) – 50g
  • Second Night Cream (2) – 50g
  • Third Night Cream (3) – 50g
The cool Facial Wash that I like using
The cool Facial Wash that I like using

I also ordered these skin care products to supplement the main set:

  • Back to Bare makeup remover. I know that I do full make-ups often so I need a good make-up remover.
  • Facial Wash with pump. I wanted to augment the papaine soap with a facial wash because I’ve been habitually doing a duo-cleaning even back when I was doing my korean skin care routine.
  • CC Cream in beige. The CC cream is to make sure that my foundation won’t clash with my other Beautederm lineup ingredients.
  • Bleaching Lotion. I am almost out of the papaya lotion I bought the last I was home in the Philippines.
  • Undereye Whitening Cream. The skin under my eye is something I worry about a lot that’s why I bought the undereye cream.
The Undereye Whitening Cream I am hopeful about
The Undereye Whitening Cream I am hopeful about

Just in case, people would ask, I ordered extra 3 Regular Sets (1 Papaine Soap, 60ml Day & Night Toner, 20g each of the 4 creams) and 5 Trial Sets (1 Papaine Soap, 60ml Day & Night Toner, 10gm each of the 4 creams).

So what really made the cut for me?

Beautederm is FDA Philippines-approved.  Which means, it passed the scrutiny, analysis and tests of medical and laboratory experts to say that it is safe and pure to use and its production is regulated by an official agency of the Philippine Government.  This to me is the most important thing.  I wouldn’t want to use anything that was just made in an outhouse somewhere in the middle of China.  I have to be sure that the government backs the ingredients used by the product.

Secondly, I have seen many testimonials on the net from independent bloggers and users.  I spent almost one whole afternoon just watching youtube videos and reading blogs about it.  There are some who have been using the product for some time now and they attested to the big improvements on their skin.  If you have that much voluntary testimonies how can you not believe?  Plus, the biggest of all endorsers is of course, Sylvia.  I definitely am getting more convinced.  (But where can I find this product here in the US?)

Ms. Sylvia Sanchez, Beautederm's Brand Ambassador
Ms. Sylvia Sanchez, Beautederm’s Brand Ambassador

The one that really brought it home, tho, was my new friend, Lourdes.  Lourdes, or Des as we call her, and I are part of a small dance group invited to perform in parties.  When I first met her I’ve already noticed her skin.  She didn’t wear that much make up, in fact during dance rehearsals, you can see that she wears none at all.  But her face was glowing, her cheeks were pinkish and she has no blemishes wherever.  One night after practice we ended up chatting.  I had to ask her what gives? She revealed that her secret was Beautederm.

Beautederm?  In my head I was thinking “so Beautederm does this???  So the product works???”  My skin care routine can’t even give me that extra-shiny glowy skin.  I know people say I don’t look my age and I don’t have that much wrinkles, thanks to my old skin care, but it never gave me that glow which I sought after so much.

Talking with Des that same night I also mentioned that “the” Sylvia Sanchez has been telling me about these products. Des instructed me to go back to her and ask if there was a way I can distribute the products here in Maryland because there are women who are wondering where to buy Beautederm (btw, she gets hers from California).  And the rest of the story you already know.

And so I’m really hopeful about this product.  In fact, I have to admit my expectations are high.  In hindsight, I have a feeling I won’t be disappointed.  I know that my skin is not what it used to be.  I am, admittedly, in my middle age and the elasticity and suppleness of my skin is not what it used to be.  The wrinkles are starting to creep in, I am aware of that.  But I refused to have those yet!  The 50s are the new 30s I heard a celebrity say.  So I am not giving in to aging just yet.  And you shouldn’t either.

So keep in touch with me.  I have more wonderful blog entries about skin care for all of you, my dear 50-something sisters!  Stay tuned.  And until my next entry, keep safe!

78 thoughts on “Beautederm – My 3-Day Skin Care Review”

    • it actually depends on how old the user will be. If she’s in her pre-teens (before 13), I would probably not recommend it. For someone in her teens – around 15-18, I could probably recommend it, as long as her skin isn’t sensitive. If she is, i’d go and do a skin test first before doing anything.

    • Hi!
      Im in abroad. What is the legit seller that I can trust to buy with? Mayroon po siya sa Amazon pero madami sila.
      Thank you.

  • Hi. I was really impressed upon watching/reading all the reviews. I’m in my early 50’s now. Which set would you recommend that would best fits me?

    • Hi Joanna! I would recommend either the trial set or the regular set. The trial set, if you feel like your skin is on the sensitive side (altho I have a friend who has really sensitive skin and she swears that Beautederm does wonders for her and her skin loves it!). If you’re like me and you’re skin is not very sensitive, I’d go and jump with the regular or the premium set! A more economical move since the premium set would last you about 4 months and the regular set is good for 2 months. The trial set is good for 1 month.

      I would also recommend the undereye whitening cream. It diminishes the lines and the puffiness of one’s eyebags. Being in my 50s myself. This helps me a lot!

  • Hi. I have a question about the toner. Is it safe to use on a daily basis? Can I use it continuously even after ma-achieve yung glowing skin or dapat bawasan yung frequency? Let us say, for example, from am & pm daily to once a day or thrice a week. I’m worried kase na di advisable for daily use and pang matagalan since medjo matapang yung toner. Hope you could answer my query. Thanks in advance po!

    • Toners are used to prepare your skin for your next beauty regimen steps. Washing the face takes out all the dirt your face has collected (yes, even at night) but it also takes away the nutrients you gave it with the creams you use. So to prepare your skin again, you use your toner. It also micropeels and refreshes your skin. You will always feel a little tightening of the skin with the toner kasi nga the toner helps in bringing the youthfulness of your skin.

      Just make sure to apply your creams after and the toner and you should be fine. Or if you really are concerned, you can just use the toner once a day, at night after you’ve cleanse your face of the day’s toxins.

      Thank you for your comment!!

  • No drying no itching no rashes ma e experience po ba? Kc i am using Skin Magical it does work, pro prang ang daling mag rashes ng face ko at ng neck ko nag ra rashes din

    • Hi Ynah. Definitely, no rashes and itching! I suggest you might want to discontinue using a product that gives you rashes. Baka may ingredients na hindi angkop sa iyo. With Beautederm, I have not experienced any of that. I have a friend who was very sensitive and I made her apply the product one per day just on the side of her jaw to test first kung magkakaroon sya ng allergic reaction. She didnt experience any for the duration of her tests. You might want to try that eith beautederm also. 🙂

  • Hi! Ms Gigi,

    Yung toner nag ccause din ng peeling sa skin mo? 2 days after using kasi nag start ng mag peel ang skin ko, medyu prickly lang din pero tolerable naman..


    • Yes, Andeng. It’s the toner that does the micro-peeling and stingy. But I’ve tried some other beauty products before, ganun sila talaga. Pero just continue to use it. You will really see wonders in just a month of using it 🙂 I’m on my way to my 3rd month and it’s still working really well 🙂

      Thank you for your comment!

  • Hi, may salicylic acid and retinol po ba mga products niyo and paraben? Im pregnant and i want to use skin care products that is/are safe to use for me and my baby. Thank you!

    • Hi Kate,

      Beautederm is a Superbrand and FDA-Approved! There is no salicylic acid nor retinol ingredients in any of the products. Kung wala pang 3 months ang pregnancy mo, we recommend NOT using the products yet because of the hormonal changes na you’re undergoing. Pero after the first trimester, pwede na. 🙂 But to also make sure, please ask your OB/Gyne kasi mas kita nya ang actual health condition mo 🙂 Thank you and congratulations on your upcoming baby!

        • Hi Sheila. I tried to find where they said that in the link you gave but culd not find it. Could you mark it for me, please?

          But anyways, I have been using Beautederm for 10 months now and have no intentions of stopping. You could stop but your skin is just like anything that needs attention – exposure to the elements (and the years, mind you) will revert your skin to the way it was. It’s just nature.

          (I noticed that the original post came from Alma Concepcion. Being a Beautederm Ambassadress, I am sure she didn’t mean to stop using it in 3 months 🙂

    • Hi Irene,

      Using Beautederm will change your life! But of course, no pain, no gain before you get that beautiful skin. At first, you MAY experience micropeeling and some even experience a slight darkening of the skin. But this happens kasi sine-scale off ng Beautederm ang old skin mo to come up with that glowy smooth skin. It has to take off all the impurities that your skin has gotten all these years. You will also experience some sting kasi nga pini-peel off nya ang impurities ng skin mo. But all these will not erase the fact na in as little as 1 week, you will already see changes in your face. In a month’s use, your skin will glow and you will slowly see it whiten.

      Don’t be scared to use it! In a few days of use, Beautederm will be your bestfriend!

  • Ok lang po ba if i’ll stop using it po if satisfied na ako sa effect ng products po? Wala po bang bad effects na mangyayari sa skin ko? Kasi po mostly sa rejuvenating products na nasearch ko po is mas dumadami daw po ang pimples nila if they stop using the products daw po. At umiitim din daw po ang mukha nila. Hope you’ll reply po. Thank you.

    • Hi Suffy! Walang adverse effect kung ititigil mo ang pag-gamit. Pero siempre, just like any other regimen, if you discontinue to take care of your skin, sooner or later, maglalabasan na naman yung mga blemishes and signs of aging. (Altho with Beautederm, hindi naman magdodoble than before you were using it.) The good news is, with Beautederm, you can come back and do it all over again without any problem.

      Yung pag-darken ng skin, it’s natural. Beautederm has whitening agents. If you stop using it and continue to expose yourself sa sun, of course, magdadarken ang skin – babalik sya to what it was before you used Beautederm.

      Taking care of your skin is a lifetime commitment. Why? Because taking care of your body as a whole is a lifetime commitment 🙂

  • Great read, Miss Gigi! I’m planning to get this for my turning 70 year old mom who resides in BXU as well. She actually looks younger than her actual age due to her daily skin care routine since time immemorial (some don’t even expect that she’s already a senior citizen). However, we also can’t stop gravity from pulling down those stuff from her face so I’m quite excited to have her try this beauty line after her current beauty regimen is finished.

    Currently, she’s more into serums (hyaluronic, argireline, collagen) to correct her wrinkles, caffeine + EGCG to reduce the puffiness of her eyebags, and beauty gadgets like RF and tightening machines to aid in the production of more collagen. She also takes collagen liquid drinks nightly. Expensive but beauty has a price as they say.

    My sister also uses Beautederm line and I can really see the effects, although she aids it with regular using of RF machine too.

    • My greatest admiration for your mom for really taking care of herself. I am sure that she has been living gracefully not just on your regimen but her whole attitude in reaching her age. Same to your sister. Yes, beautederm products do help so much in defying the signs of aging. For someone like your mom and sister, they will appreciate the wonders of the products. Let me know if you need inquiries on where to purchase the beautederm skin line 🙂

  • Tanong ko lang im currently using the Beautederm kaya lang nangangati leeg ko pero sa face ok naman sya. Ano pwedeng gawin.

    • Hi Melanie, you are probably having a slight reaction to the toner. I would suggest to refrain from using the toner on your neck. Yung soap and creams lang ang gamitin mo. Let your skin on the neck rest from the toner and then after a week, subukan mo ulet. 🙂

  • Hi! I’ve been using Beautederm before and it worked wonderfully for my skin. I had to stop cause i got pregnant. Now im breastfeeding. May i ask if it’s safe for breastfeeding moms? Thank you!

    • Hi Quints, it could be the toner that does it. And that happens sometimes. My advice is to refrain from using the set until your rashes go away. Once the rashes go away, introduce the products a little at a time. Start with the soap one day. If you get no reaction, add the different creams a day at a time. Then if there are no reactions, introduce the toner again. Use it once a day first. When it looks ok, do it twice.

      Our skins are all different. Some are more sensitive than others. That’s why, as with anything you first apply on your skin, you do a skin test on the cheeckbones first. Good luck!

    • Hi Sharon, Thank you for replying. You can order it from me. I am an authorized reseller. You can message me on my FB page “The Gigi Lifestyle”. Will wait for your message 🙂

      • it’s hard to know what kind of results you expect since I do not see “before” and “during” photo. Do you have acnes, wrinkles or other imperfections that are not going away? hope you can come back to me and let me know specifics.

      • Iam Using beautederm travel set, 1month q n po gmit pro ngaun plng ngllbsan reaction muka ko. Nangingitim n maoily at prang mejo sunog ang cheeks..sdya po b un?

        • Hi Arvy, i do have clients who also told me the same thing. it’s just the way that your skin reacts to the formulations. I also underwent through that – i just continued to use the products and sure enough they all went away. It’s your skin going thru the phases of change to get that beautiful skin soon.

  • Hi! Ika 2nd day ko ngaun ng beautederm is it normal n namula lalo pimples ko at dumami? Thank you

    • Hi Izibella,

      Yes, minsan lumalabas ang mga pimples or nagkakabreakouts kasi nililinis ng Beautederm ang skin of all the impurities na pwedeng naka-store pa rin sa skin. Hopefully, you stayed on with the product and you will see that your skin has now improved quite a lot.

  • Hello my son, started using the facial wash, soap and toner for about 2 weeks now, twice a day. He’s 15, but I noticed that he has more breakouts or pimples and it’s super red. Is that normal? Please advise if he need to continue the regimen or stop? Thanks.

    • Hi Miranda,

      I am so sorry for the late reply. I got busy with life a bit. I would advice your son to conitnue using the product. Right now, Beautederm is trying to take out all the impurities that are in his skin. So sometimes in order for the product to do that, breakouts will happen. But don’t stop using it and all these pimples will go away really soon.

    • Hi Georgia,

      Of course! You should continue to use the product as much as you can. I have been using the product for 9 months now and I don’t have any plans of stopping.

  • Hi Gigi,
    Good day. I’m so glad to have found your blog. I’m on my 5th day of using Beautederm and my face is peeling. Should I still continue using the soap and toner? Medyo mahapdi kase after washing kahit hinde ko siya binababad, followed by the toner na medyo mahapdi din. Also, is it normal na itchy both face and neck? Is there something I can put on to ease? I have red blotches on my neck, probably the skin peeled when it’s not yet time to peel? I’m getting worried. Please help. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Marilou, thank you for replying! The micropeeling is normal. So is the itchiness and the sting. I also went thru that. It is the toner that is doing that. But i tell my clients. if they feel like it is too much, they can actually take a few days rest from the toner. Once the stinging and itchiness subside, they can go back and do the toner again, and maybe do it just once a day first. Then when the sensations go totally away to resume doing it everytime they wash their face.

      Don’t worry, these will subside and you are on your way to a beautiful skin.

      • Hi Gigi, thank you for the advice. I did not use the toner last night and this morning. Somehow the redness, itchiness and stinging on my face subsided. Tonight, I used the toner again and the stinging is quite tolerable.
        I’m still worried though with the blotches on my neck, still itchy and visibly red but at the same time, trying to be optimistic that they all disappear soon. Can’t wait to see the end results.
        Thanks again and God Bless.

        • Hi .
          Am from.kuwait..i bought the set to use it..before use it i saw ur page thats y am asking u before using. I have a dry skin but have pimples little.. i need to become fair i sed gorree and got fair again i stoped my natural colour came back. Am soooo mentally upsaite on that. Even i hate my self.. i want to know will i get fair for sure ? I need to be fair. And is the results are pearment ? Are thy safe ??? Next tym can i order from.u ? Will.i get fair plz tell me to start my crram thank u dr

          • Hi Fathima, first of all are you naturally fair-skinned to begin with? here’s the misconception of using whitening brands. it wouldn’t really change the natural color of the skin you were born with PERMANENTLY. What they do is clear your skin of impurities, lighten your color but not to the extent of a complete 360 degrees. Of course, you continue to have that ‘lighter’ skin tone while you use the product but it won’t stay when you don’t maintain it. the outer layer of your skin undergoes constant renewal every 28 days or so. the old cells are replaced by new ones. so if you stop using the products, your natural skin color would definitely come back.

    • Hi, I would actually advise na huwag gumamit ng ANY lotion or creams unless nakausap mo na ang iyong OB/GYNE. This is because of your condition and your baby. Check with your doctors before using any form of medication or regimen.

  • hi gigi
    im on my 3rd day and walang naman peeling na nangyayari..only redness on my face and medyo mahapdi ..ung mga nababsa q kc na review 2nd day palang nagpe peel na worried na baka fake ung nabili qng product..should i continue using the product? how will i know if fake ung nabili q?.. thanks!

    • Firstly, you really have to buy your products from a legitimate reseller/distributor. Right now, there are so many Beautederm outlets all over the Philippines. If you’re in the US you can email me and we can talk since I am a legit reseller. my email address is thegigilifestyle at gmail dot com.

      As for the effects, not everybody goes thru the micropeeling right away. Ang iba, the micropeeling happens after a week. It actually depends on what your skin routine was. If you had a previous complete skin care regimen, the micropeeling might not happen right away. But if this is your first time, then you might peel faster. It really depends on the type of skin.

      The redness and sting are sure to happen. The toner has active ingredients that is needed for the skin transformation. Some even experience breakouts of pimples. But these will all happen just for a short while. It is a small price to pay for a beautiful skin that will surely happen after.

  • I started using this product last night..kaso i was soo worried kasi nagising ako sa midnight na sobrang makati sa jaw line ko at may redness spot sa mukha ko.till morning makati parin pero tolerable naman…what will i do?im worried baka if allergy reaction ba ito o what?

    • I always tell my clients to do an allergy test. I ask them to do it on their jawline, a product at a time. Which means, use the soap on your jawline the first day, if you don’t feel anything, then do the soap and then the toner still on the jawline. Etc… This way you would know which of the creams/lotions cause the itch. I would stay away from that product for awhile, until your face gets used to the products that your face are not reacting on. Then slowly see if you can add in the reactive lotion a little at a time again…

      Some skins are more sensitive to a blast of so many substances that happen all at the same time. If you do it this way, then you’ll be able to introduce the regimen slowly and will not cause a ‘shock’ to your skin.

      Good luck!

  • Hi Miss Gigi
    Ive been using beautederm for 4months now. Happy with the result but gusto ko rin magpeelimg once in a while, what do I do?


    • Thank you, JayAnne. Sometimes, depending on your previous skin/face routine, you might or might not peel much. Just like my case, I already had a skin routine prior to using Beautederm so I did not peel much when I shifted to our products. It also depends on what your skin is like – a lot of acne? smooth? are you tan? it’s different for each person, really.

    • Sorry for the late reply because I was on vacation. But there are a lot of web pages that list down all the ingredients. You can probably google it 🙂

  • good day po, is it ok if after ng morning routine. (facial wash and the set of BD) can i use it twice? once in the morning and once in the afternoon? nasa house lang kase ako and feel ko mag hilamos palage since sobrang init ng panahon. ty

    • hi mitx, i can understand your need to hydrate very often because of the temperature in the philippines. but i won’t consider washing your face more often than you should because your skin might have the tendency to be dry. If you need to hydrate your skin, you might want to consider spritzing with a hydrating face mist. Beautederm has Visage Frais, a rose water facial spray. it does the works – hydrates, refreshes and moisturizes your skin instantly giving it a boost in the middle of the heat. You might want to try that…

  • I am a bit worried since my OB-Gyne told me not to use skincare while breastfeeding because it may not be safe due to the ingredients that the skincare products contain which can be harmful to my baby. Are the products of Beautederm safe to use while breastfeeding? Kindly enlighten me Ms. Gigi regarding this concern. Thank you very much in advance and Godbless

    • hi Sharmaine, I would go with the advice of your ob/gyne because she would know your medical history more than I would. I will probably postpone the use of skincare products not recommended by your doctor. what you can probably do is bring the beautederm products you want to use to her and ask her if they can be safe to use considering your situation. then go from there.

    • yes, they should be. but you might still want to get the advice of your ob/gyne regarding this.

      • Hi miss gigi! On my 7th day of using beautederm po nagsstart na mangati yung part ng jawline ko. Pero sa face ko wala naman sya reaction and effective sa pimples since sa cheeks po ako nagkakapimples. Sa jawline lang talaga yung problem ko as of now kasi sobrang itchy po. What should i do po kaya? Thanks! 😊

        • try to avoid using your toner on your jawline first until the redness goes away. Then slowly introduce it again – do not scrub the cotton that you have some toner on, just gently wipe your skin.

  • Hi Ms. Gigi! Great post, been an avid fan of Beautederm for quite some time already.

    It’s published in many posts, comments and testimonials posted by Beautederm with their ambassadors na the set is safe to use while pregnant. Pero when I chatted the Beautederm page if safe ba for pregnant, they said they don’t recommend. It’s confusing huhu.

    I’m pregnant now and when I asked my OB naman if I can use the set, she said as long as walang retinol or tretinoin components. The set doesn’t have naman po diba?

    I’m confused as to sino pakikinggan, the Beautederm ads or the reply I got from Beautederm’s page.

    • I would advise that you bring your bottle of beautederm to show your ob. or show her a post where it list down the ingredients of the products and let your doctor decide. People are different – your OB doctor will be the only person who will know what to tell you based on your medical history.

  • HI, I have been using beautederm products for almost a year and well it indeed cleared my skin at some point in June I started having breakouts, and decided to stop using beautederm and tried different products but I noticed just within two weeks my face is getting worse, would it be better that I go back to using beautederm? even before I have experience break outs and redness of face. Hoping for your kind reply, your opinion is much needed! Thanks

  • Hello! I’ve been using this set for 2weeks now. Is it safe to have a diamond peel done? Or facial cleanings and the likes? Thank you!

    • Hi Grace,

      Yes, I still go to facials. I love facials – it helps keep my skin smooth and bright 🙂

  • Actually, I am already using the travel set for almost a month now but my dark spots still the same. Although mukhang luminis naman ang ibang parte ng face ko but yung dark spots ay ganun pa din. I started using the Purifie now so let’s see kung my effect ba. Can you advice me on what to apply to minimize the melasma or dark spots. Thanks and more power.

    • Hi Maria,

      A Travel Set should last you only for 10 to 15 days. Are you sure you are putting enough? The trial set last a month. I know that melasma takes a while to go away. When you apply the creams, they need an ample amount – a pea size, most of the time on your face. I sometimes go a tiny bit more sometimes if i also include my neck. For some it doesn’t completely go away but has diminished dramatically. I think it really depends on the skin type and how often you do it. just be patient with your routine and before you know it, the darkness will slowly diminish.

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