Skin Care Routine Revisited – Beautederm

I am so happy!! My awaited skin care package has arrived! Honestly, it didn’t take long, just about 4 days.  I am talking about Beautederm.  I have been trying to find a way to get ahold of this facial skin care product and I was almost losing any hope.  Even talking with the main Brand Ambassador, Ms. Sylvia Sanchez, who happens to be a very close friend  of mine and of my family (almost like a sister to my brother, Smokey and sister, Gretch), we have no way of knowing who sells them here in the US.

Until just recently when I learned that the creators of Beautederm now sends their products abroad and you can even be a reseller of the product.  So Jojo, (Sylvia’s real nickname) hooked me up with Ms. Agnes Go of Skin and Beyond by Beautederm from Butuan City, Philippines, an official distributor of Beautederm,  and now I have my own set and I am also ready to sell them.

So I will be creating videos everyday of my ritual using the Beautederm skin care products.  This will give me a first hand account of the products and their effects.  I am so excited to see the results of the product.  I’ve scoured the internet for what the products do and the results it gave the users.  I have seen a lot of good reviews and the results seem to be unbelievable that I have to try it for myself.

I’ve been searching for the “mecca” of skin care products ever since I step into my 50s. My blog followers know that I’ve talked about my 10-step Korean routine here and here. But I still feel like there’s something this skin care is not giving me – it’s that glow that I see in the faces of those who tried Beautederm.  So I am now about to find out about if this skin care will work for me.

I created an “Unpacking” video of the package when it arrived thru DHL.  And I want to show it to you.  The video will say everything.

See you all soon!

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