Make-up Room Project Part 2

Finally, the old green room has been revamped!  Remember this “before” photo of the green room that I wrote about in a previous entry?  Remember when I told you all that I want this to be the new make-up room?

The worn-out and tired room

This room needed to be aired out after the previous occupant left.  I also wished to redecorate the room as the first step to my “Re-Loving the Crib” project.  Our weekends are almost always preoccupied with activities involving the church or personal events that the house has not been given a higher priority.  We plan to do a lot of redoing and refinishing starting this summer so I am excited of the outcome in about a year from now.  Yes, it will take that long because of everything we wanted to do.  But the renovations/rework would need to be done a little at a time so I am thinking it would really take that long before everything is completed.

The old dresser with the horizontal mirror I bought from Ikea. The LED moon lights I got from the Dollar Store. The right side cabinet houses my makeup brushes and lipsticks at the top shelf and my lotions and what-nots on the bottom shelf.

I mentioned in my previous entry that I wanted to source most of my additional furnishings from thrift stores.  Unfortunately, the pickings were slim on all the thrift stores when I went out, so that didn’t work.  I went to the next best place – the dollar stores and Ikea.  I’ve always considered Ikea to be an entry-level furnishing store.  I figured, the more matured you get, the more “adult” and sturdier the furnitures should be.  But this time, I just needed a few upbeat accessories to spice up the make-up room and I know Ikea’s modern style would be perfect.  I did get a few pieces also from the dollar store that I knew was going to be expensive somewhere else.

The 3 ornamental pillows and the white furry throw were from the dollar store for $8 and $10, respectively. The white vase was from IKEA. The silk peonies are from Michael’s bought on sale for 70% off.

I had to move the bed to one corner of the room to give the impression of more work-around space.  We have this old dresser that I pulled out of the master’s bedroom that I knew would fit in the space between the wall and the bed.  It would fit well with the horizontal mirror I also bought from IKEA.  This would be perfect for doing my make-up.  I found some LED mood light from the Dollar Store – I think it added a bit of whimsy to the set-up.

The “boudoir” with the LED moon lights from the Dollar Store.

I also bought some prints from Ikea that went well with the whole theme of the room.  Prints like these always draw me to them – feminine and very “breakfast-at-tiffany-ish” (I have no other adjective to describe it).  We already have a standing lamp that I transferred from the corner of the room to the wall near the dresser.  This will give additional light whenever I have to do my makeup.

Enjoy The Little Things.  My favorite pieces in the make-up room – the “breakfast-at-tiffany” artwork from Ikea. Our Virgin of Manaoag that was a gift from a friend they bought from the Philippines.

I also bought a stand-up mirror that I’ve always wanted to have for a long time now.  We do have a mirror in the hallway but I couldn’t see if my footwear matched my outfit because it never reflects that far down.  Plus mirror-selfies don’t really look that well from that mirror.  This one, placed by the corner near the window fitted perfectly.  I also put up a trip-tych wall decor that our couple-friend gave us.  I knew it would blend well with the make-up room.  And it actually did.  The white curtain I got from the Dollar Store.  It was airy, translucent but gave enough privacy.  The flowers on the mirror I got from old silk flowers from past projects.  It added the right touch of femininity.

The Ikea standing mirror. The wall decor came from our friends. They said it doesn’t fit their theme anymore and I accepted them since they seemed like a good fit in the room. And I was right.

I really like the way the new make-up room turned out.  I pictured it to be inspirational with a bit of a romantic feel.  The atmosphere invited a quiet and intimate slumber.  Just the way I planned it.

Does the room appear that way to you, too, my readers?



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