A Clean Slate

There’s a few of things that happen when you turn into your fifties:

  1. You suddenly realize that by now, you definitely should know where your life is headed. And if you still don’t, you know you have to act like you do.
  2. You accept the things that had happened in the past.  Yes, the good AND the bad.  You’ve begun to cherish all that was good and have learned to embrace the bad and hopefully, had learned from it.  You know that both these things made you who you are now.
  3. You realize there are things that you cannot change and you accept those.  There are things you still can change and you try to do so.  And lastly, there are things that you don’t know what to do with and you just say, the heck with it!
  4. You don’t make excuses for what you like and what you don’t like.  Gone are the days that you try your hardest to make the people around you happy, inspite and despite what makes YOU happy.  You’ve learned to say, “This is me – take it or leave it.”
  5. You take better care of your health because you know that no amount of money can buy you the gift of waking up to a new morning.
  6. You can feel rested with just 4 hours of sleep and you’re ok with it because you know there is so much to accomplish and do for the day.  You now try to make everyday count.
  7. You feel scared of what might happen to your loved ones so you cherish them more and value the precious time you still have with them.
  8. Some friendships don’t last and you graciously accept that sometimes people just outgrow each other.  You don’t take that against them and you don’t burn the bridges.
  9. You count your blessing, big or small and be thankful for what you have.  Because you not only know that some people have less, but you’ve seen them.
  10. You are responsible for yourself.



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