“I’ve Learned My Lesson” – Chanel

So now that I’m fuelling up the new blog, I have to start chronicling the outfits I wear.  So last Sunday, after church, that’s what I did.

While I was having my photos taken by a friend, I had a big realization tho that despite seeing and oggling a lot of fashion blogs, I ran a blank on how I should pose in front of the camera.  But I guess that would be forgiven – I have, like, a total of 40 years to undo?

But enough of the excuses!  Posted on this page are some of the more “likeable” photos taken.  Oh, and maybe next time would even be better – I bought a remote for my camera.  I am about to take my selfies into the next level.

Looking at these pictures, I know some of the lessons I learned:

  1.  Take closer attention to the details – that means your accessories, your purse – the little things.
  2. Be more natural.

Till next time!  Ciao!

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