An Afterword on the Skin Care

So some of my lady friends ask me how I do my skin care and repair routine and I show them the actual products and I show you here in my blog via my previous two entries (here and here) what I use and how I use them.  But just in case you still want more clarifications, here are my rules of thumb in undergoing my ritual:

  1.  Be gentle on your face.  No harsh pulling  or scrubbing.  I do exfoliate just to gently take off dead skin cells about twice a week, but that’s all.  All that tugging and pulling is harmful for skin that isn’t as elastic as it used to be.
  2. Which leads to patting.  When you dry your skin with a towel, don’t scrub, just pat the towel onto your face.  Even when applying the creams, do a circular massage or gently rub upwards.  Remember, gravity isn’t as forgivng as the days of youth.
  3. Your ampoules, emulsions, moisturizers are applied from the thinnest consistency to the thickest.  And wait till the previous formulation is absorbed and dry before applying the next one.  Massage and pat. Your skin may not be as absorbent at first but as you go on, day by day, you will notice that it doesn’t take that long for your skin to absorb the creams anymore.  Patience is a virtue.
  4. Research on the product, read the ingredients. If and when you can, do a test on the products on the underside of your jawline or on the inside  of your arm to make sure you won’t react harshly to the products.  I am fortunate to not have a big history of allergies on anything growing up, but if you do, do a test first.  Red spots are not  flattering on any type of skin.
  5. And finally, I know that it looks like it takes so much of your time to go through this routine but consider this ritual time, your own “me” time. I’ve gotten to the point where I sometimes plan on some things for myself, while i go through my skin care.  Or think of it as your gift to yourself.  Your regiment doesn’t have to be this long, but just take a few minutes from your busy day to clean, tone and moisturize.  Once you get to feel a more supple facial skin or you see your skin color even out or the pimples or white and blackheads seem to lessen or vanish, you know you’re doing yourself a big favor.
  6. Face the facts.  Your skin will never be the same as that of a younger woman in her 20s or 30s.  That’s life.  But if you can be able to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and your skin appears to have a glow, even just for a bit, take it and own that!  You are a woman who has experienced life and there is so much more ahead of you.  You thank your divine God for every day He gives you the gift of a morning and you live that day.  You still have so much more to offer the world.  Take pride in that fact!

Till next post 🙂

My face sans makeup and after my skin routine.
My face sans makeup and after my skin routine.

Skin Care for Mature Women (Part 1 of 2)

I remember the days when I was in my tween age and we lived with my maternal grandparents for a year while we were waiting for our own house in Rizal to be finished.  It was a two-level apartment in Pasay City and all 5 of us were living together with my gramps, my grandmother’s sister, my 2 aunts and 2 uncles.  It was  a two-bedroom apartment but we managed to all fit in and honestly, I never considered it cramped.

I mentioned about my aunts and my grandmother being skillful makeup artists, right? Together with that, they also maintained their beautiful skins – my grandaunt included.  I witnessed them slathering cleansing liquids, facial creams, mud packs almost every night and then in the morning they’d clean their faces,  apply a different kind of moisturizer and put on their makeup and be on their way.

My younger sister, who was 9 at that time, and I found this ritual fascinating that sometimes we mimicked what they did.  We knew we were not allowed to go thru their arsenal of Ponds, Beautifont and Avon products because that meant the end of the world for me and my sister in our mom’s hands, so we came up with our own.  We, instead, got our baby powder, put in some water and we put that paste on our faces and we had that on till the paste dried out then we clean our faces.  We felt like divas.

My grandma and her sister were probably close to my age now at that time when we lived with them and I still remember their beautiful, smooth, light-colored skins.  I remember my aunts talking that my grandma and her sisters had been doing these rituals even when they were younger.

Do Ji Won (50years old as of 2016)
Do Ji Won (50years old as of 2016)

I know I should have taken heed of that fact at a much younger age.  But who had the time?  But at 45 years old and a vertical dented line appeared in between my eyebrows I panicked! I had to do something to eradicate that awful wrinkle before it multiplied.

I first tried over the counter cremes but they gave me pimples and it felt so greasy.  I did more research, tried out some more, but I still forgot the continue with the regimen or they didn’t work.  The vertical wrinkle was still there.

About 2 years ago, I came across an internet post explaining about Korean women’s 10-step beauty ritual.  And you’ve seen this pretty Korean women, with radiant almost transluscent skin, right?  You would think that only the younger girls look like this but so do the mature women.  Most were the same age or 2 or 3 years younger but their faces glow!  That and a lot of beauty sites convinced me that the Koreans are doing something good.  And a week  later I was at the asian HMart talking to a beautiful Korean girl at the cosmetics counter.

In the coming days I’ll be telling you about my version of the 10-step Korean beauty regimen and explain why you have start your own skin care routine.

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